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Compliance becomes a must

Are you aware of how the upcoming regulations from European Union
will influence your in-game economics?

Regulators around the world, especially in the EU, are:

• Updating privacy laws

• Tightening gambling laws

• Increasing online youth protection laws

• Introducing anti fraud and anti money laundering requirements in digital consumer protection laws

These regulations force Publishers to either:

• Increase legal & compliance teams by the factor 3-4 to comply with the new regulatory reporting requirements

• Remove revenue streams from in-game items, such as:

• Eliminate loot boxes (20 billion UDS per year)

• Close popular in-game trading

• Run a risk of paying hefty fines

Searching for a solution?
FiPME already took care of this for you!

Embedded compliance
Approval from relevant regulatory bodies and automated reporting
Revenue protection
Avoid fines and penalties. Keep current revenue sources compliant
Ease of integration
Easily integrate the compliant offering into your existing systems with a well documented API

How do we do that?
We give you an umbrella and a bridge!

We already got approved by several regulators in Europe.
Based on your needs, we build new relations to more regulators.

FiPME is approved by SRO that is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA)


FiPME is approved by the main Financial Regulator of the Isle of Men


FiPME is approved as a number agency by SIX- Swiss Stock Exchange (assigning ISINs to in-game items)

Learn more about how we can tackle regulatory requirements for your game!

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