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Monetize your in-game wealth through our safe marketplace with transparent prices

Would you want the games marketplaces had protected you from:

Non-transparent prices?

Many bad and fraudulent actors?

Difficulties with cash out of in-game wealth?

We created FIPME for you had it all!

Transparent trading with fair prices

On trade exchange you get more information about the market to define a fair price with:

- price history
- order book
- prices of similar items
- exchange-like dashboard
- higher liquidity

Safe place to trade

Our in-game items marketplace has built-in safeguards to identify bad actors easily, ensure safe transaction and that you don't lose your assets.

Bridging in-game and real world wealth

You can finally sell your in-game items for real caash and release your in-game wealth into your bank account

Not convinced yet?
Check out our in-game item trading platform!

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