Who are the characters behind FiPME?

We are gamers ourseleves!

Like most gamers, we want to play and not worry about anything else. This is why FiPME was built with the right people:

developers, compliance specialists, traders and sales people.

Stefan 'The Strategist'

Founder & Master of systems

Guiding the quest with a visionary's map and a guardian's shield, Stefan ensures every aspect of FiPME operates with precision and integrity

Jon 'The Herald'

Public Affairs & Communications

Jon forges alliances with regulators, publishers and developers, narrating our story across the lands.

Alexandru 'The Diplomat'

Finance & Compliance

Alexandru, our envoy in the land of digital innovation, oversees our stronghold in the EU, ensuring our banner flies high.

Philip 'The Pathfinder'

Head of Business Development

Charting new territories and unknown paths, Philip connects us with fellow publishers, mapping out a future of endlss possibilities.

Mashiro 'The Oracle'

Data Analyst & Programming

With the wisdom of the archives and the foresight of the stars, Mashiro turns data into prophecies and insights

Gabriel 'The Enchanter'

Video Editor

With a flick of his wand and a dash of creativity, Gabriel enchants our platform, making it not nust functional but magical.

Marina 'The Elf'

IT Project Manager

Marina has managed FiPME's development team of senior specialists from the day one. She has expertise in different domains, including healthcare, trade exchange, CRMs, B2B and B2C marketplaces.

Nadja 'The Chimaera'

Social Media and Communication

A sorceress with a degree in economics, photographer's intuition, and over 15 years of a mystical communication mastery, conjures a seamless image both outwardly and within, in the enchanting tapestry of our exitence.

Together, we are FiPME - where the passion for gaming and expertise in trade, compliance, and user experience converge to create a sanctuary for all who cherish the Game!

Partners of FiPME

Advisors of FiPME

Darren Douglas
Jens Groschke
Aynur Kaya
John Rose

Duska Giorgetti
2 Pi Team
Pascal Schmid
Sunny Karkhanis

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