The Swiss Startup Summit: A Showcase of Pioneering Spirits and Digital Horizons

The largest startup event in Switzerland, the 2023 Startup Nights in Winterthur, revved into its latest iteration, and so did we—Cow Level was back, this time with an expanded team!

This year, our loyal supporter and fan, Rudi, was once again accompanied by the awe-inspiring Cow Level Mobile, a spectacle that had already turned heads the previous year. The horsepower of our Cow Level Mobile was not just literal but metaphorically reflected in the robust knowledge and presence of our on-site team: with a treasure trove of expertise in fintech, virtual worlds, digital services, (virtual) auction houses, and much more, our team—Boris Obodda, Stefan Kaemper, Jon Baumann, and Philip Wels—stood ready, engaging in riveting conversations and providing enlightening answers to the many participants.

Even during the setup phase, sparks of interest were ignited, leading to enriching discussions and numerous moments of revelation. We dove deep into the capabilities of FiPME – the First International Play Money Exchange, which transcends mere trading of virtual (in-game) items.

The heightened interest likely stems from our unique market position, especially in light of the impending regulations on digital services, which are currently a hot topic at the EU Commission. What we offer is rare in the business world: a safe harbor for our (future) partners, customers, and users, in the knowledge that they operate in a fully regulated space, far from the murky waters of legality.

But this occasion was more than just a networking event; it was a sensational experience where every corner reflected the dynamism of startups destined to be tomorrow’s luminaries. A sense of fresh beginnings, visionary work, unbridled enthusiasm, groundbreaking innovations, tireless optimism, and joy for the future—these are not just words; they capture the essence of our ethos, as vividly immortalized in our team’s group photo.

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