JCI World Congress 2023 in Zurich

A Convergence of Leadership and Innovation at JCI World Congress in Zurich

From November 14 to 18, 2023, the city of Zurich transformed into a vibrant hub of global leadership and innovation. The prestigious JCI World Congress, held at the newly opened Swiss Life Arena, welcomed around 3,500 members of Junior Chamber International (JCI) from over 110 countries. These young leaders, entrepreneurs, and successors in family businesses gathered under the inspiring motto: “Challenge the Present, Create the Future.”

JCI, a premier leadership development organization, fosters ambitious and open-minded leaders aged 18 to 40. Its extensive network spans 4,500 local chambers and boasts approximately 150,000 members worldwide. This year’s World Congress in Zurich was not just a meeting ground but a celebration of forward-thinking and change-making.

The Swiss Life Arena, a marvel of modern architecture designed by the renowned Caruso St John Architects, provided a fitting backdrop for this grand event. With its state-of-the-art media technology, including 360° LED displays, top-notch event facilities, and impressive spaces, the arena epitomized the ethos of innovation and sustainability at the heart of the congress. Its easy accessibility, first-class infrastructure, and commitment to CO2 neutrality echoed the values of a generation ready to reshape the world.

As delegates navigated the vast 70,000 m2 space, using the convenient Wayfinding overview, they prepared for an immersive experience. The event promised not only networking and skill development but also a deep dive into pressing global issues and emerging trends.

Among others, our very esteemed team member Jon Baumann is a member of this very committed organization, so naturally, we are on-site at the currently happening JCI World Congress 2023.

We are not just visitors, but have our own presence.

Stefan Kaemper and Jon also had the opportunity to present us in a lecture, which was very well received by the audience. The two vividly outlined what the idea behind FiPME – First International Play Money Exchange OÜ was, how this idea has undergone a very dynamic evolution, and now, even in the face of existing and emerging laws and regulations in the areas of regulation, data protection, and money laundering, offers a homogeneous and concise ‘carefree solution’ for gamers, developers, and publishers when it comes to trading gaming items. Those who would like a private presentation with this presentation and want to know more about us and FiPME are warmly invited to approach us!

At our booth, visitors can not only learn about us and engage in exciting dialogues but also experience live why gaming is not the devil’s work but fun and connects people. As on previous events, we offer the opportunity to play a small round of #MarioKart; an offer that has been and is being accepted very frequently and with a lot of joy. Especially nice is the fact that the community spirit, which has a very high status in the gaming world, becomes visible at every moment.

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