1Discover the Rules!What are terms and conditions?Unveil the magic scroll of rules (Terms of Use) that governs our kingdom (services).Learn about the royal decrees (rules, rights, and obligations) every citizen (user) must follow!
2The Agreement Adventure!Why must I swear allegiance (agree) to the Terms and Conditions?Seal a pact (legally binding agreement) to become an honored member of our realm (service).It’s your oath that you know and accept the kingdom’s laws!
3Map to the Scroll!Where can I find this magic scroll (terms and conditions)?Locate the scroll in the royal library (Log in page).Just embark on a quest to the “Terms of Use” page to view the entire scroll!
4The Wise Sage’s Contact!How can I summon the sage (contact) if puzzled about the “Terms of Use”?Send a raven (email) to our wise sages (support team) at “info@fipme.io” for guidance and wisdom!Get answers and insights about the “Terms of Use”!
5Consequence Canyon!What lurks in the shadows if I violate the “Terms of Use”?Violating the sacred scroll can lead to exile (account suspension) or even a knight’s duel (legal measures).Stay true to the path (adhere to policies)!
6The Immutable Law!Are there secret passages (exceptions) in the “Terms of Use”?Discover that the royal decrees are unyielding – No secret passages exist!Learn the importance of following the set rules without exception.
7Revoking the Royal Oath!Can I undo my pledge (revoke consent) to the “Terms of Use”?To dwell in our land (use services), the oath is essential.Seek the sages (contact support) for enlightenment on your concerns!
8Scroll of Change!Do the scrolls (Terms and Conditions) ever morph (change)?Stay alert for the royal heralds (e-mail or platform notifications) announcing any scroll transformations!Be informed of any updates or changes in the Terms and Conditions.
9The Puzzle of Legality!What if a piece of the scroll is forbidden (illegal or unenforceable)?The rest of the scroll remains unshaken, guiding the kingdom, unless the forbidden piece is the heart of the scroll.Understand the robustness of the Terms and Conditions despite potential legal challenges.
10Shield of Rights!How does the scroll protect me as a citizen (user)?It’s your shield, outlining the treasures (services) you are entitled to and the paths to seek justice if those treasures are not as promised!Know your rights and protections as a user of the services.
11New Adventurer Registration!How do I start my journey (create a new account)?Click the “Sign Up” beacon or “Register” portal on the kingdom’s gates (homepage). Fill the quest form with your name, email, and a secret code (password), then declare “I am ready!” (click “Create Account”).Begin your adventure with our service by creating a new account.
12Gathering the Essentials!What treasures (information) must I gather for the sign-up quest?Collect your noble name (full name), magical communicator (valid email address), and secret code (password). Some quests may require additional mystical items (information).Ensure you have all the necessary information to successfully create your account.
13The Social Media Portal!Can I enter the kingdom (sign up) using the magic of social realms (social media accounts)?Use your Google Account as a magical key to open the portal swiftly.Enjoy a quick and convenient sign-up process using your social media account.
14Lost Scroll of Confirmation!The confirmation scroll (email) is missing after signing up. What’s my next quest?Search the hidden caverns (spam or junk folder). Still unseen? Summon a new scroll (request a new confirmation email) or seek aid from the kingdom’s sages (support team) at “info@fipme.io”.Retrieve your confirmation email to complete your sign-up process.
15Password Enchantment!What spells (requirements) does my secret code (password) need?Weave a powerful spell combining uppercase and lowercase letters, mystical numbers, and ancient symbols (special characters). Ensure it’s long enough to protect your realm (account).Create a strong and secure password for your account’s protection.
16Seal of Verification!How do I earn the Seal of Trust (verify my account)?Follow the guiding light (instructions) in the herald’s scroll (confirmation email). Activate the seal by touching the enchanted link and embrace the protection of two-factor authentication.Successfully verify your account for additional security.
17Age of Heroes!Is there a sacred age to join this quest (create an account)?Only brave souls of 18 winters or more can embark on this adventure.Understand and adhere to the age requirement for account creation.
18Overcoming the Sign-Up Trials!What if I face a dragon (error) during the sign-up quest?Re-examine your map (information entered). If the dragon remains, use magic (refresh the page) or summon the sages (contact support) for a hero’s aid.Troubleshoot and resolve any issues encountered during sign-up.
19Changing the Magic Mail!Can I alter the runes (change email address) of my scroll (account)?In the sanctuary of “My Profile” (account settings), you can rewrite the runes. Or seek the sages’ (support team) wisdom for guidance.Update your email address associated with your account if needed.
20The Free Pass!Does entering the kingdom (registration) require gold?Your entry is granted freely. Only those seeking the merchants’ challenges (trading) will need their coffers.Know that registration is free, with costs only incurred for specific services like trading.
21Portal of Entry!How do I log in to my account?Venture to our kingdom’s portal (website) and choose “Trade on FiPME” or “Log In”. Enter your secret runes (email and password) and declare “Grant me access!” (click “Log In”).Gain entrance to your own realm (account) within our kingdom (website).
22The Lost Password Quest!I forgot my password. What should I do?Click the “Forgotten Rune” (Forgot Password) link in the mystical sign-in area. Provide your magical communicator (email) to receive the scroll of resetting (password reset instructions).Retrieve the key (reset password) to regain access to your treasures (account).
23Password Transformation Spell!Can I change my password?After entering the kingdom (signing in), visit the Chamber of Secrets (“My Profile”). There lies the power to transform your secret code (password). Seek the sages (support team) if needed.Reinforce your realm’s gates (account security) with a new and stronger password.
24The Social Media Conundrum!Can I sign in using social media accounts?For now, the Google Account is your only magical portal.Use the power of your Google Account for a swift and convenient entrance.
25The Riddle of Invalid Credentials!Why am I getting an “Invalid Credentials” message?This riddle appears when the runes (email or password) are not in harmony with our scrolls. Re-examine your runes, ensure the dragon (caps lock) is asleep, and try again. Use the “Forgotten Rune” option if needed.Successfully decipher the riddle to enter your realm (account).
26Disabling the Guardian (2FA)!How can I disable two-factor authentication (2FA)?The Guardian (2FA) is always vigilant. To request its stand-down, navigate to the Chamber of Secrets (“My Profile”) and alter its watch. Beware, the kingdom (we) advises keeping the Guardian alert!Choose your level of protection, though it’s recommended to keep the Guardian (2FA) active.
27The Eternal Presence Spell!Can I stay signed in on my device?Cast the “Remember Me” spell during your entry ritual (sign-in process) for an enduring presence in your realm (account). Use this spell wisely, especially on personal grimoires (devices).Remain within your realm without the need for frequent entries, ideal for personal devices.
28The Safe Retreat!How do I log out of my account?In your kingdom’s heart (account settings), find the “Log Out” scroll. Activate it to make a secure retreat from your realm (account).Ensure your realm (account) remains protected when you’re venturing elsewhere.
29Fortress of Secrecy!Is my account information secure?Our kingdom fortifies your realm (account) with mystical encryption and ancient safeguarding practices. Employing the Guardian (2FA) fortifies your defenses further.Rest assured, your realm within our kingdom is well-guarded.
30The Vanishing Act!Can I delete my account?Should you choose to vanish from our lands, the path is hidden under “My Profile”. Seek it out when you wish to embark on a final quest (delete your account).Exercise your right to vanish and leave no trace in our kingdom, should you ever choose to.
31The Riddle of KYC!What is KYC?KYC, the ‘Know Your Customer’ spell, is a ritual in our financial kingdom to confirm your true identity. It’s a shield against dark arts like fraud and money laundering.Ensure a safe and trustworthy environment for all users in the kingdom.
32The Shield of Necessity!Why is a KYC necessary?KYC is the kingdom’s law, guarding against illegal quests and ensuring all heroes meet the legal standards to embark on our adventures. It’s also a guarantee that your fellow adventurers are real and trustworthy.Maintain a secure and legal environment, providing peace of mind to all users.
33Gathering the KYC Artifacts!What information is required for a KYC process?Summon your magical identification artifacts (valid ID, proof of residence) and a mystical image capturer (camera) to take a portrait.Complete the KYC ritual to unlock full access to the kingdom’s services.
34The Speed of Verification!How long does a KYC process take?This swift spellcasting (KYC process) usually completes within 2-5 minutes. If dragons (problems) arise, send a raven (contact us) info@fipme.ioRapidly verify your identity to embark on your adventures without delay.
35Fortress of KYC Safety!Is the KYC process secure?Yes, the KYC fortress is guarded by encrypted spells and up-to-date policies, ensuring your data is protected from dark forces.Trust in the secure handling and storage of your personal information.
36The Path of Incomplete KYC!What happens if I don’t complete the KYC, or don’t want to do it?Without completing this rite (KYC), the gates to our full services, especially the trading chambers, remain closed. You may pause and resume this quest later.Understand the limitations without KYC and the flexibility to complete it at your convenience.
37The Alternate Path of Verification!Is there an alternative to the KYC?Yes, embark on a journey to our physical fortress (office) with your passport and proof of residence for a face-to-face verification.Experience a different mode of verifying your identity.
38The Frequency of KYC Renewal!How often do I need to complete KYC?Initial KYC is just the beginning. The need to renew this spell depends on various factors and the kingdom’s regulators.Stay updated with KYC requirements to maintain uninterrupted access to services.
39Changing Life Scrolls!What happens if my personal details change after completing KYC?If your life’s scroll (personal details) changes, update the enchanted records in our system and allied services (like PayPal).Keep your identity information accurate and up-to-date.
40The Vanishing Data Spell!What happens to my information if I stop using your service and delete my account?By law, some records must remain in our archives, but we’ll cast a deletion spell on your personal data in our system.Have peace of mind knowing your data will be handled appropriately even after you leave.
41The Cost of the KYC Quest!Do I have to pay for the KYC?Yes, the initial KYC journey requires a small tribute. This helps pay the mystical third-party providers and maintain the lists of PEP, Sanction, and HEPS.Contribute to maintaining a high standard of security and verification in our kingdom.
42The Trader’s Path!How can I trade?Choose your path: a) The Shop System, where you trade for the best price of the moment, or b) The Book Trading, where you set your price limit and await the fulfillment of your order.Master the art of trading, either quickly or with patience, depending on your strategy.
43The Market of Mysteries!What can I trade?Embark on a journey of trading mystical in-game items and, in future quests, game services.Dive into a vast marketplace of digital treasures and services.
44The Art of Trading!How does trading work?In the Shop, trade at the best available price. In the Book Trading, place limit orders with your desired price.Flexibly choose between instant trades or setting your desired prices.
45The Vault Withdrawal Spell!How can I withdraw my money?Visit your treasury (wallet), select your hoard (amount), enter the portal of PayPal, and state the treasure you wish to withdraw. We’ll ensure the gold reaches your PayPal account.Securely move your earned wealth from the kingdom to your personal treasure chest (PayPal account).
46Preparing for the Market!Do I have to pay money in my account in advance to trade?To acquire new treasures (buy), your coffers must hold enough gold. To offer your wares (sell), no gold is needed in advance.Understand the financial preparations needed for buying and selling in the marketplace.
47The Chronicle of Trades!Where can I see my trade overview?Your trading saga is recorded in the Audit Trail. Review your active and historical quests in the “My Orders” tab.Keep track of your trading journey, reviewing both active engagements and past adventures.
48Shop vs. Trade Exchange: The Two Realms!What’s the difference between shop and trade exchange?Our Shop is a simplified realm for immediate trades, built atop our real-time Exchange, the land of complex trading strategies.Choose between straightforward trading in the Shop or more intricate dealings in the Exchange.
49The Referral Quest!What is a referral program?It’s a quest where you, the valiant customer, can invite fellow adventurers (friends or contacts) to join our service. Your successful invitations bring you rewards.Earn treasures (rewards) for expanding our kingdom’s fellowship.
50Sharing the Magic Link!How does the referral program work?Share your enchanted link (unique referral link) with your circle. When they embark on their journey (sign up or trade), you receive mystical benefits.Gain benefits as your referrals become active participants in our realm.
51The Fellowship of the Referral!Who can participate in the referral program?Every hero (customer) in our realm can invite their kin, comrades, guilds, and all acquaintances to join the quest.Strengthen your bonds and our community by bringing in new members.
52Unlimited Invitations!Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?In our kingdom, there’s no cap on how many fellow adventurers you can invite.Experience the joy of unlimited invitations, expanding your influence in the realm.
53The Bounty of Referrals!What kind of rewards/benefits can I earn?Reap a share of the trading fee as your referral indulges in the art of trade.Enjoy a continuous stream of rewards as your referrals actively trade.
54The Trade Requirement!Do my referrals need to make a trade for me to get a reward?Indeed, the reward spell activates when your referral engages in trade.Align your rewards with the trading activities of your referred adventurers.
55Finding Your Magic Link!Where do I find my unique referral link?In the “Referral Program” sanctum, your magical referral link awaits your discovery.Easily access your unique link to start inviting others.
56Spreading the Word!How do I share my referral link?Share the link through mystical mails (e-mail), social spells (social media), or direct messaging scrolls (like WhatsApp).Spread your influence across various communication channels.
57Receiving Your Spoils!When will I receive my rewards?Each time your referred hero trades, the reward coins jingle in your pouch.Enjoy ongoing rewards as your referrals continue their trading adventures.
58The Everlasting Link!Is there an expiration date on my referral link?Fear not, for your referral link is timeless and never fades.Rest easy knowing your referral link remains always valid.
59Troubleshooting the Enchanted Link!What happens if my referral link is not working?Summon aid from our support sages at “support@fipme.io” should your link falter.Get expert assistance to ensure your referral quest remains uninterrupted.
60The New Adventurer Rule!Can I refer someone who is already a customer?Alas, your referral powers extend only to new adventurers entering our realm.Focus your referral efforts on introducing brand new members to our kingdom.
61Tracking Your Fellowship!How do I track my referrals?In the “Referral Program” chamber, a list of your recruited adventurers is displayed for your review.Keep an eye on your growing fellowship and the success of your invitations.
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